Brand protection

Protect your name, brand, and community

At Yakoa, we safeguard your reputation and brand, so that you can provide your community with a safe and positive Web 3 experience.

Perfect for

Legal teams

Continuous asset monitoring.

Innovation teams

Narrative control of your future launches.


Business health monitoring.

Instant, full-cycle blockchain protection

We made fighting blockchain infringement easy. You submit your assets, our AI does the heavy lifting.

Asset management

Quickly submit and manage all your official assets. From NFT collections to logos and marketing-related graphics.

State-of-the-art deep learning

Our powerful AI and monitoring tools find infringements directly on the blockchain, and map marketplace presence.

Automatic takedown requests

Yakoa automatically submits takedown notices to all marketplaces listing the infringing NFTs and monitors them until they have been removed.

Periodic Summaries Art

Periodic reports and analytics

You receive periodic summaries showcasing what has been reported, taken down, and other important statistics.

On-chain and off-chain monitoring

Easily import your on-chain collections with our contract search and upload assets that are not on the chain. Logo, graphics, etc.

Early-warning infringements

We can catch problematic assets before they reach your community with our deep-chain indexing service, which identifies assets before they mint as NFTs.

NFT’s first use mapping

With our provenance date analysis, you can easily identify the original NFT among multiple chains.

More focus time for strategy

You can stop the manual work of checking fraudulent usage of your IP on the chain and spend more time planning your next Web 3 launch.

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IP infringement is chain agnostic

That's why we take a multi-chain approach to scaling our network.