Digital intellectual property protection

Harness AI to detect and address infringements, effortlessly.

Trusted by industry leaders

Defend your copyright. Defend your trademark.

One interface for end-to-end intellectual property management.

Eliminate manual searches

Our AI scans through millions upon millions of assets, from gaming, to digital marketplaces, to social, and beyond, delivering you a prioritized feed.

Forensics art

Experience ecosystem-wide forensics

Receive a detailed audit log of infringing content, with peace-of-mind monitoring that targets subsequent re-listings.

Proactively screen violations

Trigger AI-powered automations to resolve high-priority cases, catching violations before they spread across the web.

Stay ahead with Yakoa

Advanced technology for evolving threats

Adapt to rapid advancements in content generation with our deep AI, equipped to handle diverse media types and data challenges.

Lightning-fast coverage

Our system discovers violations as they get published, protecting you across leading blockchains and emerging channels.

Single source of truth

Track assets, not listings. With a single decision, you can address infringement across many platforms, no matter where or when they show up.

Personalized at scale

Your IP preference profile evolves with every action you take, helping you target more diverse violations with increasing automation.

AI-powered protection, specialized for Web 3

Brand protection

For brands looking to track, manage and protect their intellectual property. Submit your assets. Yakoa's AI copilot does the rest.

A single place for all your assets

Submit your trademarks, logos, and digital assets and we take it from there.

Online marketplace takedowns

Track infringements across multiple marketplaces, trigger one-click takedowns, and enjoy ongoing monitoring to prevent re-listings.

Analytics dashboard

Monitor your infringement profile overtime, with detailed trends about compliance with your IP actions.

Automate your workflow

Benefit from a system that caters to your unique needs, with automations that learn from your preferences.

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Platform compliance

For marketplace and gaming applications handling User Generated Content or other third-party content, our API keeps your content library compliant.

Streamline IP takedowns

Reduce your content moderation overhead by managing takedown requests with our AI-assisted triage system.

API-based infringement detection

Use our API to authenticate your content library on-demand.

Asset provenance mapping

With our analysis of first-use data, you can easily compare originality across multiple Web 3 data streams.

Unwanted content filter

Increase trust in your platform by removing unwanted content, such as NSFW.

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Government & public sector

Use our analysis platform to back policy decisions with detailed data and public risk assessments.

Policy Decision Support

Back policy decisions with data from IP infringement surveys to enhance effectiveness in governance.

Risk Assessment for Digital Markets

Facilitate safer adoption and regulation of emerging digital channels like Web 3.

Data Integrity in Public Records

Ensure the accuracy and reliability of public data to bolster trust and transparency.

Strategic Digital Insights

Guide strategic planning with data-driven forecasts, focusing on digital transformation and high-growth technologies.

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